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Holy crap!  We’re over the halfway mark of the season 3 production schedule!  Do you know what this means?!

DO YOU?!!!

Uh, yes.  That’s correct.  It means we’re a little over halfway done shooting Dark Matter’s third season!

I await director J.B. Sugar’s cut of Episode 305 while director Gail Harvey heads into editing to work on her Episode 306 while director Paul Day oversees the action on Episode 307 while director John Stead preps Episode 308 while Paul and I scramble to get the script for Episode 309 written.

Tomorrow, YOU all get to vote on an new episode title!  Tentatively titled Episode 302, you’ll have the chance to select an official episode title from three glorious choices (and actual lines of dialogue from the episode in question).  This is going to be a tough one – for me as I have six pretty memorable lines that I’ll have…

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