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While I was sequestered in the Production Offices writing, sitting in on the VFX and Playback meeting, and trying to figure out a way to fit  a square peg (Episode 308) in a round hole (the Episode 308 production schedule) Alison, Ivon, and Elliot were back at the other studio having a blast.  Trust me.  Behind those dust masks are the HUGEST smiles.  Picture courtesy of Jozie Conte.

After yesterday’s kvetching, I’m pleased to report significant progress on the script front.  Special thanks once again go out to Alison Hepburn who offered up a terrific visual idea – inspiring me to tear through 5 full script pages so that I could finally get to it.  She’s got some pretty funny ideas – both “haha” and strange.


Director of Photography Craig Wright finds his light.


Director Gail Harvey calls the shots.


Reminds me of the summer camp I went to when…

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