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Suji eats peanut butter.  And loves it!

I’ve managed all 0 pages in the last 24 hours, putting me on pace to complete this script…never.  Which kind of puts  a damper on things as the episode is scheduled to prep in a little over a week and I just know everyone else on the production was kind of looking forward to it.   As I was telling my buddy (and Dark Matter Co-Executive Producer Ivon Bartok), I kind of feel like I’m performing a high-wire juggling act without a net.  I pulled it off on Episode 304, sitting down to a script with the loosest of outlines and having it all come together in my head over the course of day that saw me produce an astounding 32 pages!  I embraced the premise of this latest script because it’s tonally similar to 304, assuming I’d catch creative fire at some…

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