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No, seriously.  I realize today was Saturday, but we were on set anyway, shooting 2nd unit Day #1 of our latest episode under the direction of the wonderful Gail Harvey.  Anthony Lemke (THREE) made it all worthwhile by surprising us with three boxes of donuts!


Jodelle Ferland (FIVE) was gunning for trouble on a day that featured not one but two surprise take-downs, some emotional farewells, and a surprising kiss.


Jodelle with director Gail Harvey.


Inside the Actors 1st Assistant Director’s Studio with your host Josh Gray.


Zoie Palmer has director Gail Harvey in a headlock.  It’s Zoie’s signature move, second only to her finishing move: The Dragon Screw Neck Whip.

Huzzah!  I finally broke through that top-of-third-act writer’s block thanks to: 1) Script Coordinator Alison Hepburn’s input and 2) The news that Paul wouldn’t be able to take over and the script preps in a little over a week…

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