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It would appear as though we’re creeping up to the halfway mark of the production schedule.  The great thing about that is it puts as ever closer to the premiere.  The bad thing about that, is that it puts as ever closer to the premiere – meaning we really need to hustle and get those scripts written, and those episodes shot, produced and delivered.


We took yet another step toward that today by diving into prep on Episode 307 and moving up prep on Episode 308 (to tomorrow!).  So, while we’re double-prepping, director Gail Harvey was shooting Episode 306…


Meanwhile, over at the other studio, SPFX Coordinator Dylan Hankinson was running a little airlock-venting test:

In retrospect, I should have availed myself of the ear protection.

To those of you wondering – Nope, no one has correctly guessed the identities of the three speakers.  Feel free to guess away but you’ll…

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