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“She’s an emotional pooper,”said Akemi, by way of explaining Suji’s knack for, uh, dropping pebbles whenever she gets worked up and barksome.  


I’m not a coffee guy but I’m thinking Suji might have the right idea here.  I may need to take up the habit if I’m going to make it to the end of the season.


Sujiko’s instagram (NewOldPugSuji) is blowing up.  She’ll probably hit 1000 followers by tomorrow and should eclipse my modest follower count by hiatus.

Now what did I intend to blog about today?  I know it wasn’t dogs.

Oh, yeah!  Dark Matter!


We took our show on the road today, deep into the wilds of the Dundas Valley Conservation Area for a little shooting, a little double-crossing, and a little heartbreaking.  Not necessarily in that order.

To those of you asking – Nope, no one guessed correctly.  The marvelous grand mystery prize…

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