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During the weekdays, I’d estimate that roughly 90% of my day is spent focused on Dark Matter.  On the weekend, it’s more like 75% – hopefully dropping down to a much more manageable 60% once the season finale has been written.  I’d like to say that remaining 40% is R&R but, in truth, a big chunk of it is spent running errands, dealing with taxes, and trying to set up other projects.  Yes, other projects.  The plan is for Dark Matter to run five glorious seasons after which I will transition onto my next show.  Perhaps that Military SF.  Or the cable drama.  Or maybe, just maybe, it’ll be the adaptation I’ve been mulling over of late.  It took me all of a day to blaze through the novel and I think it’ll make an unbelievable series.  My partner on this one, a certain German from way back, agrees…

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