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I think I’ll take a little time while I’m waiting for my Episode 301 Producer’s Cut WIP (Work In Progress) to land in my inbox to just go ahead and upload today’s blog entry.  I spent the day at the munitions factory with director Steve DiMarco, the cast, the crew, and my laptop.  While they were shooting, I was tap-tap-tapping away on this latest script.  As always, slow going in the beginning but if recent history has taught me anything it’s that the pace should pick up in about, oh, 50 pages or so.  Pictured above: Steve calling the shots.


A moment of reflection.  And practice aiming.


Mayhem under the hot lights.  Who are those men with guns?  Who are those people on the floor?  Who’s that guy behind the camera?


Suji in her ready-to-go stance.


Dignified Bubba is the Alastair Cooke of our apartment.


Lulu flashes her help-me-score-a-treat eyes.

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