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Today was long and late.  I started off with first blocking in the munitions factory, then headed over to the production offices for a trifecta of meetings – art department, props, and background.  Following a quick lunch, I jumped on two rewrites and completed the tease of my (second to last?) script of the season.  Just in time to screen the Bruce McDonald’s director’s cut of Episode 302!  I watched it once straight through once, then one more time for notes.  Two hours later, I was done.  At which point Ron Murphy’s director’s cut of Episode 304 appeared in my inbox.  Both GREAT episodes!  I capped off my day by heading back to the munitions factory for more mayhem with director Steve DiMarco – and a 9:00 p.m. wrap.


Director Steve DiMarco oversees the action.


1st Assistant Director and suspect liquor aficionado Josh Gray.


Production Designer Ian Brock.


Director of Photography…

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