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Another weekend come and gone.  Between the demands of writing, plotting, chores, and bills, a little on-couch therapy with the new girl.


Bubba, bundled up, ears tucked in, ready for the winter weather.


Suji is one tough cookie.


Any guest to our apartment automatically forfeits all rights to self-respect and become defacto dog beds.

Let’s hit the mailbag!

Alex writes: “How do you decide if an idea (be it for a show or an episode) is worth pursuing? Can you share one that you dropped and tell us why?”

Answer: In terms of show ideas, it’s really a personal preference.  If I find the premise fresh and exciting, or if I think it will be fun to write, then that motivates me to develop a concept.  In the case of specific episode ideas, I’m always looking for the heart at the core of the story, the character-centered revelation or moments…

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