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Back when we were first casting the show, I watched countless auditions for the role of SIX.  Going in, I knew that the linchpin of the performances would be that one line of dialogue our lovable father figure utters to FIVE at the end of Episode 9: “But truth is, when the time comes that you do decide to leave, I’m gonna miss you kid. I’m gonna miss you a lot.”  And, boy, was I right.  So many performers crashed and burned or were wholly unconvincing in their delivery, stymied by this surprisingly tricky line.  Others came close…but no cigar.  But one actor delivered the warmth and gravitas and genuine sincerity we were looking for.  He was perfect.  He was Roger Cross.

Well, two seasons later, Roger has been keeping busy – on our show and many other projects.  BUT STILL found the time to field YOUR questions.

You asked; he…

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