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While I was back in the office, working on this latest script, production on season 3 continued at the Ishida Palace in Kitchener, Ontario Zairon.  In tribute to Dark Matter’s latest biggest bad, here are some family portraits c/o the spectacular Roxanne Borris, 1st Assistant Art Director/Graphics…


Emperor Ishida Tetsuya


Empress Ishida (Li Na) Katsumi


Emperor Ishida Hiro


Emperor Ishida Ryo


Speaking of the Art Department, this is your last chance to post your questions for Dark Matter Production Designer Ian Brock – shipbuilder, space station manufacturer, and  futuristic wheelchair assembler.

Tomorrow, another BIG behind-the-scenes guest Q&A announcement!


Pursuant to yesterday’s hi-rez render of the Ishida Research Station, here’s a breakdown of the station itself.  We were very particular about the look as the script for Episode 302 requires a very specific look.  Anyway, here ya go if you’re interested in building your own space station.  Please direct all accolades to…

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