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A previous blog entry saw me use some baseball terminology to make a point about some of the challenges I was facing.  Specifically: “but then there are the unexpected curveballs that come at you from people who really should know fucking better”.

curveballa pitch thrown with a strong downward spin, causing the ball to drop suddenly and veer to the side as it approaches home plate.

North American informal: something which is unexpected, surprising, or disruptive.

In baseball, when a batter is on deck and is thrown a curveball, he must adjust to the pitch in order to hit the ball and put it in play.

In, let’s say film or television production, one could liken this to a drastic script or schedule change or, oh, say, an agent who, through sheer ineptitude, triggers the aforementioned.

Please note: The “curveball” is not to be mistaken for those pitches way…

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