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Upon further consideration, I’ve elected to leave Montreal a day earlier than our planned Monday departure.  This will give me a full day to decompress before the start of our 7-day work week.  Yes, your math is correct.  A 7 day work week starting on Tuesday because Line Producer Norman Denver and Production Manager Brandon Tataryn don’t care about NFL Wildcard Weekend since their Denver Broncos were eliminated from playoff contention.  The expected late Saturday call should ensure we miss both games played that that day.

It’s hard to believe we’re already about to prep Episode 305.  The production machine is in full gear eating into that glorious head start of a month back.  I’ve got a script to work on but my progress hasn’t been somewhat…slow over these holidays.  If you count the opening tease, partial pages, and dialogue fragments, I’ve completed exactly nothing so far.  But I’m hopeful…

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