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Whenever the holidays roll around, our thoughts inevitably turn to my late father, a man with a great sense of humor, a love of animals, and a passion for food.

Late in life, once he started experiencing health issues, the family doctor put him on a special diet.  No fried foods.  No sweets.  Just  lean meats and fresh veggies prepared with little oil moving forward.  Of course, it was my mother who was expected to follow those instructions once they returned home.  And, of course, it was my father who grumpily refused to eat until mom prepared something he actually enjoyed – namely everything he’d been told to steer clear of.

Months later, my mother accompanied dad for a check-up.  The doctor informed him that his cholesterol was higher than ever.  Had he been following the diet he’d been given?  Realizing there was no point in lying, my father admitted he…

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