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I have a plan.  I’ve had one from the day we started production on Dark Matter’s first episode, a plan that spans five 13-episode seasons and includes character and story arcs with beginnings, middles, and endings.  I know exactly where we’re going and knowing in advance allows us the all-too-rare opportunity to sprinkle our narrative with clues, little hints of what’s to come that will pay off along the way.  Small adjustments are inevitable, but the big picture story and pay-offs remain in play.  And it hasn’t always been easy.  Sure, there are the expected production demands – the writing, the prepping, the editing, the various other duties, and the long, long hours, but then there are the unexpected curveballs that come at you from people who really should know fucking better, those square peg in round hole annoyances that crop up every so often and leave a lot of…

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