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A shout-out today to one of Dark Matter’s unsung heroes heroines, script coordinator Alison Hepburn who came through, yet again, with a terrific backstory idea for the show’s third season.  Alison has a great scifi mind and she has become my go-to-gal whenever I’m looking to spin ideas – or in need of one.  Like, for instance, this morning when she emailed me a terrific reveal for the end of the episode I’m currently working on, a dark little secret that ties in neatly with what we’ve set up to date.  It comes on the heels of another great character revelation she came up with, this one for FIVE, that will be coming your way in Episode 302. But wait!  There’s more!  On the strength of a great pilot script she sent me last year, Alison landed representation with my agent AND got herself a script assignment for this coming…

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