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And that’s a wrap on Dark Matter 2016!  We capped off production with a tri-episode three director extravaganza.


Steve DiMarco kicked things off with a pursuit through ethereal environs.  But who’s chasing who?  The answers will shock.  Then it was John Stead getting the last few scenes from our season 3 opener.  And, finally, Bruce McDonald completed the day – and Episode 302 – with a some big time trouble on the Marauder.

The Cosmic Cowboy The Cosmic Cowboy

While all this was happening on set, I was back at the office, taking in the Episode 303 production meeting (full steam ahead!), a notes session (hmmmmmm), a budget update meeting (so far, so good), and then a sit-down with Episode 303 (former “I’ve Seen The Other Side Of You”) director Steve DiMarco.  Over the course of most of the afternoon – and several rounds of Nikka Coffey whisky – we discussed his upcoming episode…

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