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“Motorists should consider postponing non-essential travel…”  Is going home considered non-essential?

Should be interesting.  We have a little over an hour before wrap and waze is already telling me it’s going to take me a while to get home.  A while that’s going to get even whilier as the snowstorm continues to rage.  Melissa is already suggesting we all camp out in the cafeteria for the night.  Why chance it?


A little something for Episode 303 from the Art Department.


Craig, our Head Carpenter, keeping busy.  Although, granted, he doesn’t look that busy right at this moment.


Hey, look, it’s The General (played by Andrew Jackson).  Haven’t seen him since season 1.  Wonder what he’s up to?


Head Cutter Anita O’Tooler made me this awesome tie.  I’m wearing it tomorrow!  Prepare to be amazed.


My mom asks: “What does Akemi do all day?”.  Well, in Toronto in the winter, she…

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