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Day 9 of 91!  Holy crap!  We’re practically 10% done on Dark Matter’s third season.  And I’m not yet 50% done on its scripts.  Help me, Obi-Wan.  You’re my only hope!

When I’m not writing scripts (or eating or sleeping), I’m in prep meetings for Episode 302 with director Bruce Mcdonald et al.


Today, we enjoyed the Stunts & Special Effects/Visual Effects/Art Department trifecta!  Topics of discussion included, but were not limited to: holo-tablets, drones, green power bars, explosions, and tasty tasty candy glass.


Discussing those early sets and location builds.  Looks like we’ll be headed to lovely Kitchener.  Road trip!


The neural link device, last seen in Episode 211.


The Blink Drive and adapter – last seen being whisked away in Episode 213.


Concept art for the mag-lev.  See the real thing in action in Episode 302.


VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson shows off an early prototype of the holo-tablet.

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