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What a difference a script makes.  I practically wrote Episode 304 over the course of a weekend, blazing through an astounding 32 pages in a single day!  Compare this to the script I’m presently writing which has progressed at a somewhat less blistering rate of a page a day.  In all fairness though, Episode 304 was pretty bonkers bananas looney toons whereas this episode focuses on some pretty heavy reveals – among them, the surprising link in the origins of two of our crew members.  I’ve had the beats in my head for a loooong time and, now, it’s a matter of finding a way to do deliver this story in a cool, captivating, comprehensible narrative.  THIS is the one many of you have been clamoring for, so I want to make sure I don’t disappoint!


I was up well into the wee hours last night, staring up at the…

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