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Today’s unwieldy dialogue dump:

“One of the anti-matter transducer feeds was compromised by an impairment in one of the particle accelerators.”

And you’ll never guess who delivers the line.


In a show’s first season, the cast walks on eggshells, eager to please.  In a show’s second season, they become more relaxed and eager to collaborate.  In a show’s third season, you end up with situations like the one pictured above – cast members rolling out of bed and coming to set in their jammies, bathrobe, and slippers.

Next thing you know, they’ll be demanding we have breakfast ready for them on their arrival –


Oh.  Right.


Which one’s the control crystal?


Look at what came my way via the Art Department.  Why, it’s a preliminary concept for the abandoned factory.  I’m leaning towards A.  You?

Hey, guess who wants to hear from you?  None other than Dark Matter’s SIX, Roger…

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