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Allow me to paint a picture if I may…

You’re asked to put on a show.  Say, a juggling demonstration.  You pick out four tennis balls  and practice until you’ve got it down pat.  Then, on the day, you discover that one of your tennis balls is missing.  But the show must go on and so you take the stage and start juggling – only to discover than another one of the tennis balls has been filled with sand.  You forge ahead with your routine and then someone tosses another object into the mix – say, a grapefruit.  You make the adjustment, incorporate it into the act, and keep juggling.  Then, someone throws in a shuttlecock.  A star fruit.  A hand mirror.  The ninth edition of the Encyclopedia Brittanica vol 13, INF – KAN.  And finally, today…a flaming bowling ball.

Thank you, very much.


Fortunately, I came home to this…

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