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Pictured above: Production Designer Ian Brock – mastermind of the Dark Matter art department and everything from The Raza’s to Hyperion-8 to the Ishida Research Facility…and so much more.  Under Ian’s guidance, our art department has been tearing it up (figuratively speaking) in season 3 and, with so much going on, I thought it would be the perfect time to put EVEN MORE on Ian’s plate by arranging this little blog Q&A.  So, yes, if you have questions for the guy who designed those awesome Raza corridors, EOS-7 airlocks, and Traugott armored assault vehicle (Oh, I get ahead of myself) – post them in the comments section. You have until this Tuesday night!


What’s in the works over at Studio 2?  Looks like the early makings of an alien terrain.


That mag-lev platform is almost there…


When last we saw the Blink Drive, it was being whisked away by Ryo…

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