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Dark Matter - season 3

A little concept work that came my way via the art department today.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.  Click on the pick for a closer look.    I like the build of the chair in A as well as the helm and atypical wheel base.  I’d prefer the seating to be a little hire, like B, but am not a fan of the throne-like seat backing.  I’m kind of partial to G as well.


Hey!  We’re starting to build!  Production Designer Ian Brock already has the floor plans for the big “entry way” in Episode 303, ideas for the tech room and garrison, and has almost close on that space ukulele.  No, really.


Hey, don’t throw those away!  We could still use them!  Elements of a crashed ship?  Destroyed lab wall?  Remnants of a giant aluminum robot?


Hey, check out the latest additions to my burgeoning sock collection – part of my…

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