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Okay.  Seriously.  I’ve been spinning my wheels on this same damn scene for days. I think, tonight, I’m just going to have to break open the sake and power through. I get this done, segue into the flashback to the pre-mindwipe crew, end the act and, after that, it’l be smooooooth sailing.


A little somethings from North Front via the Dark Matter art department.  Have been loving their work, and their design for the “Maglev Platform” is pretty damn awesome.  But, you may ask, what IS a maglev platform, what does it do, and what episode will it make its appearance?  All very good questions.


And a little something from 1st Assistant Art Director Roxanne Borris.  With the galaxy on the brink of corporate warfare, the players need to look their best.  Choose your favorite Traugott Corp insignia.

Back to prep means back in fine form…


Shades of blue.  Hey…

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