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Art Department meeting today to discuss the builds for Episodes 301 and 304. Production Designer Ian Brock, as always, has a creative vision – and everything is under control.  Today’s secret keywords were: “drone”, “the clock”, and “Volkov-Rusi”.

A little break, and then we rolled into a rare prosthetics meeting.  Yep, Episode 304 is going to raise a few eyebrows – especially among the Fandroids.


The concept illustrations for “the chair” are nothing short of stunning.  Kudos to artist Lee Fitzgerald at North Front Studios.


Three intriguing options to choose from, but I lean towards V1, with a few tweaks.

Today’s ensemble…


Yeah, I forgot the pocket square.

It always breaks my heart to leave the doggies in the morning.  They always look so forlorn…


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