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It’s funny.  About a month ago it was the agony of “Oh, no!  Will we get picked up?!”.  Now, it’s the agony of “Oh, no!  We got picked up!”  Scripts to write.  Stories to break.  Plans to make.  And what seemed so faraway back in May as we were wrapping up production on Dark Matter’s second season now seems alarmingly near as we gear up to begin prep in October for a mid-November start date!  We got some crazy plans for the show’s third season, some truly audacious stories, and progressively bigger twists, turns and surprises in store.  It will all build off the events of our final three episodes this season and, boy oh boy, things get pretty wild in Episodes 211-213 –


“Wish I’d Spaced You When I Had the Chance” (my buddy picture, an unlikely pairing I’ve been wanting to write since last hiatus).


“Sometimes In Life…

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