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You know what I hate?  More than being late?  More than driving around, looking for parking?  Even more than the New England Patriots?  Rewrites.  I was a notorious rewrite-hater back in the Stargate days, so much so that years after Paul and I had stopped co-writing, we still shared script credits because, while I was writing most of the originals, he was doing ALL of the rewrites and it was only fair.

Despite what executives will tell you, there is no such as a “small rewrite” because, if you’ve done your job properly, you will have crafted every scene, each dialogue run, in a smooth progression, inexorably building toward a conclusive payoff. Remove or change one piece, and the entire structure risks collapsing like a Jenga structure.  There are no small rewrites.  Only rewrites.  And even bigger rewrites.

[Interesting fact.  If you do a google image search for “hate rewrites”…

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