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I love Tokyo at night.  The bright lights.  The flashing neon.  The sights.  The sounds.  Throw in the time difference, a touch of jet lag, and you have an almost surreal experience Anthony Bourdain once likened to the sensation of dropping acid.


After wandering about for half an hour, looking for somewhere to eat, Akemi and I finally ended up at a modest little Korean restaurant.  Pictured above: Akemi stares longingly at my hot plate.


Yatta!  Her salad has arrived!


I ordered a hunk of beef.  First, they rendered the fat, then they seared the outside of the meat.  Every two minutes or so, a different staff member would stroll by and give it a flip.  I left the cooking to the professionals.


And voila.  Served with two different dipping sauce – and the option to sear it up a little more for a well-done consistency.


Wait!  Don’t go…

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