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You’ll never guess who I ran into this morning!  Unless, of course, you happened to read the title of this blog entry.  Yes!  None other than actor Brian J. Smith (Stargate: Universe’s Lieutenant Scott) who is in town shooting something.  I can’t believe it’s been almost five years.  In that time, Brian has been very busy on both stage and screen, earning a Tony Award nomination and most recent feature performance on Netflix’s Sense8.  Very happy for his success.  As Ivon’s always said: “He’s an easy guy to root for”.  Another Stargate alum I’d love to work with again.


Check it out.  There’s a Star Trek film fest happening at TIFF.  I was super excited to see they scheduled a marathon screening of five episodes from the original series and was going to suggest any locals with five hours to spare head down for a group viewing.  Sadly, however, the…

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