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So, I’m halfway through this fairly comprehensive rewrite when I get a call from the lovable Robbie David back at the production office who starts off the conversation with: “I just got an email.  You’re not gonna like it.”  And boy, was he right.  Although I understood the sentiment behind the message Robbie received, I really objected to the phrasing.  So much so that I wondered whether the person who drafted the email was drunk when he wrote it because, holy crap dude, you didn’t just burn the bridge, you blew it the hell up.  No call? No personal email?  No polite and respectful inquiry?  THAT’S what you decided to lead with???  It’s particularly galling because I was in your corner.  I had your back!  It probably could’ve worked out!  Instead, I’m looking at an even bigger rewrite on this script – and now, several more.

But the rewrite will have…

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