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Oh boy.  I’m trying to arrange for the sale of my car, Lulu’s pick-up, and my Toronto departure tomorrow – and it’s gonna be tight!

After much prodding from Akemi, I’ve decided to sell the car rather than pay insurance on it while it sits in my Vancouver garage during production of Dark Matter’s third season.  Granted, I have no way of knowing, year to year, where I’m going to be working next, but it just doest make sense to hold onto the Q7 – especially since my four-dog days are over…for now.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll downsize to a modest A4.  Or simply rent a car while I await news of my next move.  In any case, if I’m going to off-load it, the time will be a very narrow window between Lulu’s (hopefully) early discharge from the animal hospital and my early afternoon flight to Toronto.

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