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Well, tomorrow’s the big day for my frenchie, Lulu.  In the morning, she goes in for the surgery that will, hopefully, arrest and maybe even reverse the effects of the spinal issue that has been affecting her hind quarters.  I’ve noticed that she’s having an increasingly trickier time walking.  She’l  drag her back legs,  stumble, and, occasionally, even fall over.  My poor gal.  Hopefully, she makes a speedy recovery – speedy enough that I can pick her up before I head out of town Thursday afternoon.


Akemi is really attached to Bubba.  I mean REALLY attached.  She wasn’t a dog person before coming to Canada but all that changed when she met my dogs, and Bubba in particular.  The two are inseparable.  She dotes over him – fixing him home made meals, dressing him up, cuddling with him for hours.   And he can’t stand to be without her, wandering…

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