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Holy crap!  Guys!  Guys!!  It’s October 1st!  Did any of you see this coming?  And if you did, why didn’t you warn me?!  We start prep on Dark Matter in less than two weeks, and start shooting season 3 in less than a couple of months!

Yesterday, I was fielding questions from Production Designer Ian Brock with regard to some of the prospective early concepts and builds (the facility, the superstructure, the drone, and the “clock”) and  today, I started work on what promises to be a very challenging rewrite.  So far so sloooow, but I imagine that once I get past the tricky part, it’ll be smooth sailing – right around the end of the fifth act.

Also today, I did a little interview with Josh and Anna of Geek on Review.  We talked comic books, season 3, and krakens…

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