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Guess who’s going in for surgery tomorrow morning to get a couple of lumps removed from his noggin’?  Today, we treated him – and Lulu – to a stroll through Granville Island and a  visit to a local pet boutique.  We picked up treats, a patriotically handsome bow tie/collar but, sadly, not that awesome Hawaiian shirt we had our hearts set on because it didn’t come in his size.

Meanwhile, a post-Lasik Akemi (“I got my eyeballs fixed!”) is enjoying her improved vision – to a certain point.  She spent most of yesterday madly sweeping, vacuuming, and generally cleaning the place.  When I asked what had gotten into her, she informed me that now that her sight is improved, she can actually see how messy everything is.  I feel her situation is reminiscent of some tragic character from Greek lore, but I’m not sure which one.

Hey!  May I direct…

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