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Well, this is perfect timing.  In the most recent episode of Dark Matter, “We Should Have Seen This Coming”, we find out all about the mysterious Nyx Harper. And, in today’s blog entry, we find out all about the actress who plays her – Melanie Liburd.

I’d just like to preface this fan/viewer Q&A by saying – Yes, Melanie is gorgeous. Yes, she positively pops on screen.  Yes, she’s incredibly talented, poised and professional, and very dedicated to her craft whether it’s delivering reams of dialogue or bo staff choreography.  But, above all else, I have to say Melanie is a pleasure to work with because she is LOVELY.  I mean, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone kinder or sweeter.  Don’t believe me?  Invite her to your next con and find out!

On to Melanie’s Q&A…

Tam Dixon: “You move like a dancer in those fight scenes. Very graceful!…

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