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I was getting dressed, fifteen minutes out from heading downstairs to catch a cab, when I received the call from my agent’s assistant.  “I’m afraid I have some bad news,” he said.

Oh shit, I thought.  I was prepared for the worst.

“We’re going to have to reschedule your first meeting today.”

“That’s it?”I asked.  I was expecting worse.  Much worse.  Something like “Hey, the guy you’re meeting today broke up with his girlfriend last night so he’s going to be in a really bad mood…” or “We caught your old Stargate episode, Irresponsible, last night and, unfortunately, we’re going to have to withdraw our offer of representation…”.  But a canceled meeting?  It was like being back in elementary school and waking up to a snow day.  Well, half show day anyway.

I took advantage of the free time to brush up on my Japanese (our Tokyo/Osaka trip is…

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