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Shipboard mayhem sheds light on some of the crew members’ dark pasts.

On the next episode of Dark Matter, “Take The Shot”:

Android (?) making out with shirtless guy.  Is it a dream?  Is it our Android?  Who’s the guy?

The Android looks around, perplexed.  What’s got her so confused?

FIVE says: “If we delete her personality matrix and start over, it’s the same as killing her.”  This is something the Android floated to THREE last season but he flatly refused because he’d just gotten used to her.  What would prompt the crew to consider such a drastic course of action?

Randroid’s back! She informs the crew: “I do believe you’ve been targeted – as a result of the neural imprint you uploaded to the medical database.”  Targeted how?  By who?  And if it was done via the neural imprints, does this mean the crew’s former personalities will be…

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