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Hey, notice a pattern with the episode titles?  Yes, they’re drawn from actual lines of scripted dialogue.  I say “scripted dialogue” instead of just plain “dialogue” because, in a couple of cases, the “scripted dialogue” didn’t make the final cut.

When it came to deciding on an appropriate title for each episode, I simply drew from a given episode’s “scripted dialogue” and had you, the fans, vote.  In some cases, the titles are on point (“Welcome To You New Home” or “We Were Family”). Other times, they’re a little less so (“Kill Them All” and “We Voted Not To Space You”).  In the case of this Friday’s episode, “We Should Have Seen This Coming”, it’s the former.  Well done, crew.  Check out the promo:

And something in the way of a HUGE tease in this 3+ minute preview:

DARK MATTER -- "We Should Have Seen This Coming" Episode 206 -- Pictured: (l-r) Melissa O'Neil as Two, Melanie Liburd as Nyx -- (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy) DARK MATTER — “We Should Have Seen This Coming” Episode 206 —…

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