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I’m much more likely to pull over to greet an elderly pug than to help a stranded motorist.

I mention this because I came across this study the other day:


(source: Vox)

To be fair, my dogs are much lighter and easier to carry than the average tourist or grandparent.

Hey, in belated celebration of National Dog Day, check out Bubba sporting the pyjamas Akemi got him.  “He loves it!”she insists.dCB7HzLqmsfos4

Hey, what did you all think of last night’s episode of Dark Matter “Going Out Fighting”?

Check out some reactions, recaps, and reviews:

“The show is on track to finish out the season with a skillful progression of episodes, capping off a mostly stellar season…”by Michael Ahr at Den of Geek

“An episode rife with “Wait, what?!?!” moments. Possibly my favorite of the season so far…” by Cort Robinson at Pure Fandom

“One of the reasons I…

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