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I’m taking a break from the writing to do a little a lot of reading.  Although I fell behind earlier this year, what with the demands of production, I’m pleased to report I’m back on track to well exceed my goal of 100 books in 2016.  I read anything and everything – genre, graphic novels, non-fiction, bestsellers – and typically put together a “Best Of” list at year’s end.  2014, for instance, was a fantastic reading year –

with a slew of recommended reads.

2015, sadly, was not.

When selecting books, I try to cast wide net, relying on everything from book shop recommendations to impulse buys to award nominees.  This year, I’ve really tried to focus on 2016 releases, short fiction and novels, so that, when I offer up my list of the year’s best reads, I can honestly do so from a well-informed position.  Ultimately, I end up…

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