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I worked with a lot of great actors of my many years on Stargate and, although I do cross paths with them now and again, there’s no series regular I keep in steady contact with like I do Robert Picardo.  Stargate SG-1‘s former pain-in-the-ass I.O.A. representative, Stargate: Atlantis’s former Commander, Star Trek Voyager’s former Doctor (among many, MANY other roles), Bob remains as busy now as ever, splitting time between film, television, stage, and science-minded projects like The Planetary Society.

The first time we went out to dinner was way back in SG-1’sheyday.  We went to Vij’s, one of Vancouver’s premiere Indian restaurants.  I remember walking down the street and having a nervous fan respectfully stop us and ask if he could get a picture with The Doctor.  Bob was his always affable self, more than happy to throw his arm around the happy fan and pose…

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