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Your first exclusive clip from tomorrow night’s episode of Dark Matter, “Stuff To Steal, People To Kill”.  The crew receives a distress call from Regulus-12…

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Your second exclusive clip from tomorrow night’s episode.  THREE receives some troubling news from “The Android”…

I talk to Baz Greenland of The Digital Fix:

Exclusive interview with Dark Matter showrunner Joseph Mallozzi

“TDF: We’ve seen the evolution of several characters over the last twenty episodes. Which character has been the most fun to write?

Mallozzi: As I often tell interviewers, picking favorites on this show isn’t as simple as picking your favorite child. There are no disappointments in this group. Each one of them brings something different to the table and each one is fun to write for different reasons.”

More BTS tidbits to get you in the mood for tomorrow night’s episode…




Thanks to those of you asking about Bubba…

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