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One of the biggest challenges about approving episodic stills for this episode was actually finding non-spoilers photographs to sign off on.  I don’t recall how many finally made the cut but I do recall it was significantly fewer than previous episodes.  Such is the life of a producer on a heavily-serialized science fiction series – especially when it comes to AU episodes.

So, to make up for the lack of official promotional photos, I thought I’d post some of the behind-the-scenes photos I snapped during the production of this episode – directed by Andy Mikita, written by yours truly.


A shot of the monitor.  Notice anything…unusual?


A rare scene (for season 2) scene in the ship’s underbelly.


Another monitor shot, this one featuring Torri Higginson (as Commander Truffault), one of several surprising guest stars this episode.


The crew gathers for the first shot of the day.


Director Andy Mikita in…

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