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An all-new episode of Dark Matter is only two days away.  This one was directed by Jason Priestley and features guest star David Hewlett as the crew’s colorful handler, Tabor Calchek.  This episode features some fun Tabor/Android interactions, a transfer transit-themed op, a big reveal about that mysterious key card, and a shocking ending.

Theres’ a sneak peek scene featuring Tabor and the gang at but, unfortunately, it may be geo-blocked for those outside the U.S.


From Shadow to The Red Leaves of the Red Forest, here’s a rundown of various Syfy-related illicit substances: Just Say No To Syfy Drugs

SciF And TV Talk’s Steve Eramo chats with Roger Cross, Dark Matter’s SIX: Burden of Guilt

I’m often asked if I still keep in touch with the old Stargate gang.  Truthfully, some more than others.  My former writing-producing partner, Paul Mullie, former special features producer Ivon Bartok, and former production assistant…

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