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This episode ran long so we ended up trimming some scenes, and dialogue, at both the script and post-production stage. In yesterday’s blog entry, I offered up some of the stuff we had to lose for time.  Here’s more of – what might have been…

While everyone else heads off onto the station, FOUR stays behind to check on the latest developments regarding Zairon and its ongoing war with Pyr.  A little reminder that our resident swordsman has bigger fish to gut, skewer, and fry:

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 6.44.15 PM


FOUR sits at his desk, watching a news report. ONSCREEN, NEWS ANCHOR #2 speaks. In the BG, the insignia’s of the warring parties (Zairon and the Principality of Pyr) accompanied by a map of the interstellar conflict.

ANCHOR #2: At the heart of the conflict is a territorial dispute between the two independent colonies. A long-standing source of contention, the…

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