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Yeeeeah!  Who’s joining me on the Atlantis expedition?!

Oof.  You know what I hate?  Writing.  Especially when I’ve been sitting on the same scene for going on three days.  THREE DAYS!  If I can just forge ahead, get it done and then, hopefully, tear through these last ten or so pages, I can actually take  day off and NOT WRITE…which, frankly, is what I’ve been doing these past three days except that, instead of reading or watching something, I’ve just been staring at my laptop screen.

I’ve been reviewing some of my fave time loop movies and t.v. episodes with Akemi lately.  We started with Groundhog Day (which she found dated and I didn’t love as much on the re-view), then move on to Run Lola Run (she LOVED IT, as did I just as much on the re-view), SG-1’s “Window of Opportunity” (she found Rick’s performance somewhat…disinterested, while I…

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