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I want to start off today’s blog entry by simply stating how bullshit home printers have become.  Today, I was unable to print up a copy of my new script because my HP printer needed to have its magenta cartridge replaced.  Magenta?!!  Seriously. I only require one color for all of my printing needs.  Black.  That’s it!  NOT magenta! NOT yellow!  And certainly NOT cyan, whatever the hell THAT is.  And the fact that they’ve designed printers NOT to print if the color cartridges run low due to evaporation brought on by year’s of disuse is absolutely galling!  Let it be known that, in the Dark Matter universe, HP executives were exiled to a barren moon in the Adhara sector for their shady product practices, only to be forgotten by a disinterested populace.  When someone finally remembered them (“Hey, remember those guys who used to make the printers that would…

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