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Yes, Dark Matter is back tonight with an all-new instalment: “Episode 16: I’ve Seen the Other Side of You”.  Pictured above: the dog-themed pic that accompanies the episode.  I mean, come on.  Think of the title.  This one was a little easier than the rest.

The all-new episode airs tonight – 7 pm PDT/10 pm EDT.  And then join me for a post-episode Periscope by finding me on twitter @BaronDestructo.

Those of you who were around may remember that fans were given the opportunity to vote for the title to tonight’s episode, choosing from among three candidates…

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“Fourteen Months” and “Shields.  Engines.  Weapons.  It’s an incredible rush.” are snippets of dialogue that will figure into tonight’s episode somewhere.  Watch for them!

A little preview of tonight’s episode from TVGoodness:

It might be our favorite hour of Dark Matter so far

A little preview to whet your appetite…

Okay, okay…

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